Monday, May 14, 2012

Dandelion salad

My favorite dish to eat here has become dandelion salad so Star had me make some.
I took about a two gallon bag full of dandelion greens, washed them with three washes of water and let them drain and then placed them in a big wooden bowl and chopped them up along with an onion and some wild leeks. Star has this cool knife she let me use that is like an ulu eskimo knife except it has a rounded blade it fits really well in the bowl. Its some type of traditional New Egland made knife.

So Then I cut it up fairly fine like cole slaw and add about a cup of plain yogurt and a cup of Mayo:
Then I mix it in with a spoon and spread it evenly and its ready to serve:
Here is a cool link on the nutritional info: Apparently its really good for me!

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