Monday, June 25, 2012

Too tired to blog coherently...

So I figure I would blog incherently.

Ron and my Mom came by for a few days. We had a blast.

The beans have a potassium deficiency i was able to diagnose on them via google. I plan to treat them with wood ash and banana peel mulch.

Been reading the Bhagavad Gita.

I feel like I am getting more bang for my buck out here than most people get on religious retreats. 

If you have been enjoying the blog please comment otherwise I will just write in my journal instead.


P.s. looks like I buried a body here but its actually a new hugelcultur bed for Rhubarb!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gardening Work Out

Early May:

Early June:

I have lost about 18 lbs so far, doing 4 hours of gardening work 5 days a week. I think I have added a few pounds of muscle too, so its not just fat loss, I am changing my body composition. I initially lost 10 lbs right away and then gained it back and then lost 8 more lbs. I am down to 192 now from 208 when I got here in April. Acoording to this website E:\See How Much weight can you lose Gardening.htm I am burning over 1600 calories a day. I am doing a lot of "hardscaping" i.e. building fences, stone work etc. in addition to some lighter stuff like planbting a weeding. I think carrying logs to the hugelculture bed has been the biggest physically demanding job.

Hugelcultur updates

So here is an update on the Hugelcultur bed. I have been putting compost over everything. It's about five feet high now.

I noticed its coming out at a steep angle, which is good from evreything I've read. But I don't want to lose a lot of top soil from the rain before anything comes up so I made these little stakes to put in, from maple: Then I put them in and criss crossed them with Cane from some Jerusalem artichokes. This grid should hold the soul in while roots have time to grow into it. I ended up using up all the compost. It was really rich compost with lots of worms and bugs and fungus and even a snake! It was great to work with this living medium. Next I put a few bucket loads of alpaca manure on. I should be ready to plant in a few days. I am thinking squash lettuce and some types of perenials.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Podcast is Up!

The video shown below that didn't work before now works! I was able to upload it to vimeo which allows longer videos than Youtube. Enjoy!

No Till discussion and Nature Walk account from Theodore Scott Heistman on Vimeo.